I made a new blog cuz this one has too many followers and I’ve been getting a few rude messages lately and I need a better safe blogging space while I’m dealing with some mental health stuff.

Send me a message if you want the new url, I’m not gonna tag anything on the new one so it stays smaller.

All I can think of when I see Bee!Ness is him being a bee because of Buzz Buzz lol

he has a deep emotional connection to bees dont judge him

Glad to see that Ness has finally embraced his inner bee

he was meant to bee, really


wordbending said: whoa ness put on some pants

Im feelin a lil bit better so I drew this dorky Ness in a bee outfit to CHEER YOU ALL ON!! YOU GOT THIS! WHATEVER IT IS! HAVE A BEE-AUTIFUL DAY!

Today was good!! I got my meds FINALLY and I went hikin in Tahoe and I found a bunch of hokey abandoned hippie houses that had been abandoned since the 60s-80s according to the journals I found inside. UvU This one was my fav

for kingofmagicant who requested Ness in Magicant! Happy 20th anniversary, sorry I’m late!
Another small cacklett

just chillin on a friend’s porch………..
Also have some Cacklettas