omg so my anxiety got the better of me so I didn’t ask them to sign my poster buT HOLY SHIT I WENT IN TO GIVE THEM MY THANK YOU COMIC AND 

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i drew nothing important

I love Paula
And I love jumpers

legit leak boys!!

LAST DAY AT DISNEY I’m eating french toast in my cube and weeping (I’m not really weeping) (I am looking through teacher’s pet special poses to put on my flash drive for personal reference thought woo ops….)

I forgot my phone at home and I don’t think Craig is gonna be here today but I brought my wander poster and I’m gonna get the rest of the team to sign it and give them the thank you comic I made and hug everyone….. bbbbbb…. gonna miss this place but SLEEPING IN MONDAY WILL BE NEAT

they’re gonna go tide pool explorin’

^ that hardcore lucas drawing i finished

all four earthbound kids, DONE! now to color em up!

getting invited to bars with friends when you’re underaged more like


i really had to force myself to draw this BUT IM PRETTY HAPPY WITH IT… i ended up drawing paula in a cute dress…